2010-06-01 Board of Selectmen Minutes

Town of Durham Minutes and Agendas
Board of Selectmen Minutes 2010-06-01
Selectmen Meeting
Minutes 06/01/2010
Board Members- Chairman Denise LaFlamme, Phil Gilikson, Deborah Larrabee, Jeffrey Wakeman
Officials: Admin. Ass�t Warren Hatch
Guest: None

Meeting called to order by Chairman Denise LaFlamme @ 6:00 P.M.

Denise- Announcement RT 9 Paving � Road commissioner informed her that Crooker will be paving on RT-9 (Newell Brook Rd) starting June 3rd from RT-136 to the Lisbon Falls Bridge.

Server � system requirements � Jim Fish (Action Computers) would be able to give a better quote if he knew what our wish list is, perhaps seeing into the future. Whoever is putting out bids would be able to keep that in mind when replacing or working on our server system. Deborah recommends getting 3 quotes on the server. If they would like to give a 5 year plan for upgrades, that would be fine but the server should be the priority. Denise explained that Jim is looking for a wish list, from us. Asked Jeffrey if he could look at our system and develop something. His expertise is more with software that hardware. Jeffrey recommends that the Board meet with and get help from the Telecommunication�s Committee. Warren mentioned that Jim is also looking for things like, are we sure that we are going to go with streaming video and wireless. Deborah recommends that we wait until they get back the T.H. Creations proposal that is being review by the town attorney. Needed to move forward. Denise suggests waiting for that and then we can meet with Geoff and the committee to develop our list. A priority. Tabled until we hear back on that. Warren has received the Attorney�s response. Provided to Board members tonight.

ACO – Deborah will be calling Pownal tomorrow and would like to table until she gets information from Pownal. Issue tabled

Minutes � Denise. As an example, we had 4 hours of minutes at the last meeting. For Warren to listen to the tape and type those up it will take another 4-6 Hours of his time. Denise has been looking at the minutes from the school. All they have is an outline of who spoke and if anyone wants to view the tape for further information, that�s always available. Should we adopt that same type of minute taking. Deborah would like to have a chance to review more of the school minutes. Discussed importance of having the right amount of material that should be in the minutes. If not enough info, then we may have to pay someone to sit and go though the taped material when there are questions of legally. Warren gets the meat of the articles, any important discussion, concerns of the board and does verbatim on items that are or could possible become legal issues. Phil offered to create a disk for Deborah that will allow her move to chapters within the DVD instead of using the fast forward feature. Agreed that Phil could take one of our DVD�s and set it up so we can see how it works. Members will think about it and discuss at next meeting.

Guenther Property – Interest by Mr Robbins to acquire a portion of. Denise worked with Dan Feeney on the how the split would affect the existing lot. A drawing from Dan shows that if the 150 ft section was split off, it would only leave access from the wet backside of the lot on Cedar Pond Road and the front lot on Newell Brook Rd could become a non-conforming lot. Other members would like to have more information. Jeffrey will call Dan Feeney. Tabled.

Guenther Property � Cleanup � Denise concerned that it is an unsafe area. Warning tape has been placed around the area where the house was. Mr. Davis was the person who cleaned it out. Fir Dept burned the building for us. CEO, Dan Feeney checked out the area and informed Denise that it is unsafe and there is still a lot of debris there. We can�t just bury it. Will need to have another dumpster and hire someone to clean it out. Still a lot of scrap metal there. Members would like to send out quotes for clean-up. Motion by Denise LaFlamme to have the Administrative Assistant send a letter of inquiry to contractors that may be interested in cleaning this residence out and filling it in for us. Second by Jeffery Wakeman. All in Favor.

Letter will include that the contractor will properly dispose of any hazardous material found.

Portable Toilet at Runaround Park. Denise checked. It is still there and not damaged. We received word back from the State on the question of the town being responsible to provide that facility. The State has informed us that the Town has no liability to provide anything and the Town is providing the toilet as a courtesy. Denise, speaking to the public, asked that if anyone sees any activity going with these toilets, it is at the cost of the community, the Town of Durham to replace whatever damage is made to the toilets. If it becomes excessive and we need to keep replacing these toilets, then we may be forced to stop providing a portable toilet. If you see anything, please report it. We would all appreciate you doing that.
Warren added that if there is a handicap unit placed there, it would cost $2,000 to replace it. Deborah said that we still have to take that into consideration to be compliant with ADA rules.

New Business

Mill Pond Bridge Repair � Denise

There was a problem at the mill pond bridge. A tire went though the Mill Pond Bridge and the Road Crew had been down there all day working to repair the bridge. Jason needed to purchase hemlock lumber, bolts, and a special wrench for the bolts and various tools to for the repair such as an impact wrench, saws all and a tap, plus 16 hours of labor. Jason would like to know if it would be possible to pay for these items from the Bridge Reserve Account instead of the road account. Deborah mentioned that the Board would have to discuss it with the Budget committee. Funds cannot be spent from the Bridge Reserve Account without budget committee approval. Meeting needs to be set up with the budget committee. In the interim, the labor had to be paid today and Warren used the tar account fund for that. If funds are approved for use out of the Bridge account, Warren will transfer the expenses to that account. Need to keep a detailed list of purchases used just for the Mill Bridge repair. Current expenses are close to $1,500.

Deborah also would like to discuss the tools of the trade that Jason is going to need. People at town meeting probably think that those things should come from the road accounts. We need to talk about other things that need to be pulled out for things like his computer. Denise talked to Jim Fish today and asked him why we need a $2,000 lap-top. Jim said that the one he supplies is much more rugged that what you can buy in a department store. Denise would like to have the lap-top go out for quotes instead of staying only with one company.

Deborah sees two parts to discuss with the budget committee. 1st about the materials, tools and labor to repair the Mill Bridge and 2nd to discuss Jason�s need to purchase tools of the trade.

Deborah mentioned that it is important that we must provide all our departments with the tools they need to do their jobs. The money has to come from somewhere. Members agree. Denise will get a detailed list from Jason.

Revisiting the Guenther property, Denise mentioned that last year, when the Board was discussing any sale of this property, she remembers that the Chairman, Wes Bennett was against selling any town property because the town is not in the profit making business and selling one piece from it would lessen the value of the property. That was just his opinion. Denise respects his opinion because he was a selectman for a long time. Phil mentioned it could be an ideal spot for a future town garage. The State road is made to handle that kind of traffic. At that time, Denise thought the Chairman�s opinion seemed to be a valid reason and thinks it is still a valid reason.

Laptop quote is $2,297. with the State program. $ 1,947. without the State program. Need quotes from other companies. Agreed that quotes need to be due into the town office before 4:30 p.m on June 29th.

Maine Revenue Service � Deborah has contacted Mr. David Ledue about Personal Property taxes and he has agreed to come to the next Board meeting on June 8th at 6:00. Needs to be first on agenda. Denise asked we have any answers for our businesses about the personal property. Deborah explained that Mr. Ledue is very familiar with the forms that Mr. Van-Tuinen has sent out. All the information is there and the business owners should be able to provide us with the list of property they have. Denise asked if we had an answer for the business owner about a cap on personal property. Deborah will call Mr. Ledue again and e-mail the response to everybody and the citizen who asked about it. Jeffrey recommends putting a notice on the website to let people know that Mr. Ledue will be here if they want to come in and ask questions. Deborah will have it on the channel too. She will also ask if the Board can extend the reporting time, perhaps to June 30, because these letters didn�t go out as soon as they should have. Warren added that the assessment company is going to go by what the businesses send in for a list.

Deborah has is a letter that need to be signed by the Board, from last week�s executive session. Denise asked if that needs to be done in executive session. Jeffery said that we may have to briefly go into executive session. Deborah mentioned that the only thing we could do is look at it in executive session and come back out just state that the letter is accepted and will be placed on file, concerning personnel. Members agree that there is not enough time to discuss tonight. Will table until regular meeting on June 8th.

Warren informed the Board that he has talked to MMA Attorney about a cap on personal property. Town cannot set a limit or override what the state has set in the statutes.

Motion by Phil Gilikson to adjourn at 6:17 p.m. Second by Deborah Larrabee. All in favor.