Budget Committee

The budget committee meets each February with the Board of Selectmen and Department heads. The budget committee works with the Town officials to create a budget recommendation for the ensuing year.

The 2016 Officers for Budget Committee are:

Chairman:  Milton Simon
Vice-Chairman: Terry Kirk

Arthur Langley
Christina Libby
Cori Holt
Leigh Fisher
Marc Farrin
Mark Conway
Michael Fitzpatrick
Richard Emmons Jr.
Kevin Nadeau
Charles Pollock
Benjamin Love
William Morrill

Budget Meetings are broadcast live and recorded for rebroadcast and On-Demand viewing.  Click here for link to On-Demand Site.

Minutes for 2015

2/23/15 Meeting                  2/26/15 Meeting

Minutes for 2014

2-18-2014 Meeting

2-20-2014 Meeting

2-25-2014 Meeting

2-27-2014 Meeting