Public Works

The Town of Durham is seeking a mechanic.

Job Description


Public Works Mission

The Durham Public Works Department is committed to providing exceptional public service in a prompt, courteous, safe, efficient and cost effective manner. Durham Public Works strives to plan, build, improve and maintain Durham’s public infrastructure in a manner respectful of the environment and to enhance the quality of life of the citizens of Durham.


-To provide a safe and reliable roadway system in the most efficient manner with available funding.

-To provide quality service by striving to provide maintenance levels necessary to achieve public satisfaction.

-To ensure that projects will provide functional and economic benefits through responsible expenditure of funds.


Contact information: (207)353-3281 or (207)844-1774
Fax: (207)353-3283

Complaint/Concern forms also available at the Town Office.

Request for Fill Permit Application also available at the Town Office.

Pictures of Public Works Building and Equipment