Cemetery Committee

The Cemetery Committee works for and under the authority of the Board of Selectmen.
It’s mission is to provide care and maintenance to the sixteen (16) cemeteries for which we have been given responsibility.  The Committee also sells grave sites inStroutCemetery.

The cemeteries under our care are:

1). Waterhouse                                      9). Vining

2). Bradbury                                        10).Fairfield

3). Strout                                              11). Littlefield

4). Cedar Grove                                   12). Parker

5).OldTown                                        13). Gerrish Family

6). Gerrish                                            14). Parker-Merrill

7). Roberts                                            15). Knight-Snow

8).Highland                                          16). Ruby

All grave sites and headstones in Durham have been photographed and can be found at Findagrave.com  Those needing further information in this regard can contact Committee member Tia Howe at tiahowe978@gmail.com

Current members of the Committee are:

Chairman:  Joe Donovick (207) 407-3024
Vice-Chairman: Linda Bowie
Secretary:  Tia Howe

Phil Baker
Jennifer Fitzpatrick
Richard Thompson