Chapter 5 – Durham (1950 – Now)

One Room School House - By Bobby

One Room School House - By Bobby

The squirrels clambered down the branches and got back to their usual positions. The students had all filed back into the building after practicing the fire drill procedures. It had been an interesting thing to watch because the fire trucks had come over and the kids were allowed to look at them after the drill was over.

“Did the population of Durham keep going down?” asked Elizabeth.

“Oh no. It’s been going up for the last ten years.”

“I still want to know about the school,” said Sammy.

“Well, in the 1950s there were 4 separate schools. They were named the Crosman School, the Parker School, South West Bend School and West Durham School. By the middle of the 1950s they were over crowded so in the March Town Meeting of 1960 a decision was made to consolidate the 4 schools into one. Originally this school had 4 classrooms. It opened in the fall of 1960. The Crosman and Parker Schools were still kept open to help with the over crowding problem. As the years went by there were additions to the original 4 rooms. In 1965 4 rooms were added followed by additions in 1972 and again in 1976.”

Town Hall and Fire House - By Steph

Town Hall and Fire House - By Steph

“What about the fire station?” asked Mary looking over to make sure they were not going to be disturbed by more sirens.

“That was built in 1981 and the new Town Hall was built just a few years ago.”

“You know, Freddy I wasn’t real excited to have to learn about this history stuff, but it really was pretty interesting,” commented Ben.

The others agreed with Ben.

“I really liked the part about the store. That sounds like a neat place to visit,” said Elizabeth.

“I liked hearing about the school,” said Sammy.

“I didn’t have one favorite part,” grinned Mary.

 Playground - By Beth

Playground - By Beth

“I’m glad that all of you enjoyed my stories. I hope that someday you will tell some youngsters about this town. Right now it is time to go on home. So, I’ll race you to the woods.”

If you had been standing outside of the school right then you would have seen 5 ordinary squirrels running across the playground. But you and I know that they are anything but ordinary.